May 18, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

This week started off with some practicing of our fire fighting skills.  The neighbor had a hay pile catch on fire and we helped to keep in contained and put it out.  We didn't have any fancy fire fighting equipment but were able to get the job done with a couple of 4-wheelers with 25 gal sprayers, a front end loader, a tractor with loader, and a tractor hooked to a box scraper.  We hauled some more cows to grass and worked on fixing a leaky water tank.  Hopefully we will be cutting hay this weekend!!!

After a little less than a week in the ground our corn has come out of the ground

Our Mother's Day present!  Another red calf born Sunday morning!! 

And another cow calved this week too!!  At this point in the calving season we are really excited to see another 1 born, we are counting down to the end!!  Which always seems to take FOREVER!!

Ground Hay pile going up in Smoke...

The silage pile started to catch on fire.... Mark is on top wetting down and breaking up the hot spots.  I am spraying water on the front of the pile closest to the burning hay pile to help prevent it from catching on fire again....

Tractor coming through the smoke with the box blade.  We tore down the pile of hay and with the box scraper and loaders moved the burning hay to a disked corn field where it could finish burning up and not catch anything else on fire.

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