May 4, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

I wasn't a very good blogger over the weekend.  I wanted to get some pictures of working the calves however, I failed.  We got over 2 inches of rain on Friday which made sorting take longer in the mud.  I was to pre-occupied getting things taken care of for the cattle I forgot to take some pictures.  Mom was going to take some but once we got started our crew was so great that it didn't take as long as we thought so she almost didn't have diner ready.  Even though it was muddy out side the inside of the shed was nice and dry to work calves, the crew did a great job, and dinner was a hit!  This week we worked on getting fences fixed and pastures ready so we can start moving the cows and calves to their summer vacation home this weekend.  Another busy weekend already in the works!!  Happy Friday!!!

Lining up for the feed wagon to bring supper!!

The food is finally being brought to the table!! 

After the cows get a spot at the dinner table the calves are wandering around looking
for a spot they can squeeze in and get a little distillers grain and hay!!

Testing a new product out on our "little red" heifer!  It passed the sniff test, the taste it with just the tip of the tongue test, and finally it did past the edible material test!!

After part of our Destruction was complete!!!


  1. I finally found your blog!! Great job and look forward to reading more in the future!

  2. Thanks I should have left the link to it on the comment I left you the other day!! Hope you enjoy!!