May 31, 2011

Sorry for the Absence!!

For some crazy reason or another I have not been able to get into the blog to update it for a little over a week.  I will get some new stuff posted soon and I will make up for missing Fun Foto Friday this Friday!!!

May 20, 2011

Farm Foto Friday

Feed bunks double a chin scratchers!!

"Mom whatcha eatn??  If I was 2 inched taller I reach better"

May 13, 2011

May 12, 2011

Beef Quaility Assurance

I received my renewal packet and test in the mail yesterday and thought that I would share the importance of Beef Quality Assurance and what it is.  Our farm/ranch like many others is  BQA certified, we have taken the class to become certified and then we have to re certify every 2 years.  BQA is a national program that sets guidelines for beef cattle production to insure that the beef we raise meets the highest quality and safety and that the animals are handled and cared for the safest and most humane way possible.  The BQA is not a government run program, in fact it receives it's funding from the cattle industry through the Beef Checkoff Program.  The BQA program focuses on educating and training cattle producers, farm advisors and employees, and veterinarians on the issues in cattle, food safety, and quality and it also provides tools for verifying and documenting animal husbandry practices.  It involves not just ranchers but all segments of the beef industry including feedlots and the meat packers.  It also includes the transport of cattle and now started a dairy industry manual.  It started in the late 1970's and continues to grow, expand and improve as the industry has changes and grown. 
Some of the things that we insure though the BQA is that we have followed all labeled instructions on Pharmaceuticals, we have given them in the proper area of the animal (all injections must be given in the neck), we do not ship animals that have not been through the proper withdrawal period (each medication/vaccine has a withdrawal time which insures that all of the residues from that pharmaceutical has been cleared and excreted from the animals system).  Bottom line is yes we do potentially see a premium for the cattle we sell because they are BQA certified however, but we feel that it is also in the best interest of our cattle and the consumers to use to best management practices possible.  This is a program that strives for consumer confidence and we are proud to call all of our cattle BQA certified. 

Mike Rowe - Speaks to Congress!!

For all of you who might now know who Mike Rowe is, he is the face on the TV show "Dirty Jobs".  He goes to work in factories, farms, and any other place where you will find the workers covered in dirt, grease and grime and then shows the public what these people do for a living and the value of that work to our society.  He is also a major advocate for agriculture and for those of us who provide the world with the food and fiber we all use and need to survive in today's world.  He also has a website . 

May 5, 2011

Welcome to the Blog

We would like to welcome you to the Blog and invite you all to join along in our adventures as we share the day to day activities and life that we experience working both on and off the farm.  We hope that you are able to see what goes on first hand from those of us who are a part of providing you with the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the fuel you put in your cars.  We take great pride in providing our livestock and land with the best care possible.  We respect the livestock and the land that grows the crops and grass and do our best to be stuarts to the environment that provides our livelihood.