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Welcome to a virtual tour of our family farm and ranch.  Today less than 1% of the US population is involved in food production.  Each and every year the other 99% of the population becomes further and further removed from the farms and ranches where the food they eat and feed to their families begin.  I have always believed that everyone should know where their food comes from but bringing the cities out to tour the farms and ranches across America is near impossible.  I created this blog to give food consumers a virtual tour of the inner workings of a real life family farm/ranch.

My husband and myself (Bobbi) both come from farming and ranching backgrounds.  I have a PhD in beef cattle nutrition and Mark holds a PhD in hard work and common sense from the School of Hard Knocks.  In 2010 we were presented the opportunity to do what very few these days even think about.  We bought our own farm (300 acres), bought some machinery (it isn't pretty but it works....well most of the time), and we leased a whole herd of cows (140 of them).  With the start up cost and risk involved in farming most young people getting into farming gain access through their families current farming operations and don't just jump in the deep end of the pool head first...

Not only do we work full time at our farm we both work off farm jobs to help pay the living expenses and we are now full time parents.  One of the jobs of raising food is to educate those who buy the products that we produce.  Hopefully through this virtual tour blog of our farm we can reach consumers and give them the next best thing to seeing our farm and the way we raise food in person! 

Hope you enjoy.

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