March 26, 2014

An Extended Leave of Absence

I guess I have proven that time sure does fly by when you are having fun.  Or in my case time flys by when you busy.  I had not even realized it has been so longs since my last blog post and update.  I had to blow a lot of dust off of my blog so I could even see where I left off....  A whole lot has happened around the farm since my last blog post and I promise to get caught back up to date on what has happened at the farm the past 1.5 years.  So much has happened it is hard to know where to start.  So I guess the best place to start is the beginning.
Here is a quick glimpse of what has happened since my extended "vacation". 
1- The biggest news is there is a new farmer in the house and hopefully he will be the next generation in our family.  He is now a little over a year old...yes time does fly fast and they grow up even faster!!
2 - We survived one of the worst droughts on far...  Some will say that the drought that hit our area in 2012 and carried into 2013.  It took a whole lot of hard work, creativity, and change to the way we "normally" do things.  Things are still dry in our neck of the woods.  We have next to no snow fall this winter and right now are not out of the weeds yet.  Hopefully we will have enough spring rains for the weeds to grow.  At this point I would take weeds.
3 - We decided that we didn't have enough to do around the farm so why not expand the cow herd....yes we are crazy....
Hopefully over the next few weeks...or months...I can get caught back up with everyday happenings and virtual tour of our farm.

What the pastures looked like in June 2012.  Normally
they are bright green and full of life... 

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  1. Not sure if you'll ever see this, but I wanted to say that I love your blog and how well you raise beef for the state. I'm currently living in (sargent) nebraksa and I always love admiring the calves and their mammas as I drive half an hour to work every morning. Glad I could find your blog and see the positive side of raising cattle and producing beef for consumers. Hope everything is still good at the farm