May 25, 2012

Farm Fixing Foto Friday

I have a new name for the seasons of spring through fall.  I am going to start calling this 3/4 of the year "fixing" season.  Seems like we are always fixing something....fence, haying equipment, harvesting equipment, my lawn mower......  So in celebrations of "Fixing Season" I changed Farm Foto Friday this week to Farm Foto Fixing Friday!!  Below are a few pictures of 2 things we fixed this week....  Does anybody have any guesses as to what they are??  Some time next week I will reveal the answers!!  Happy Memorial Weekend!!!

Item #1 view from the front side

Item #1 view from the backside

Item #2 view while still broken

Item #2 again fixed... not the way it should be... just a temporary fix till I could get the correct bolt...

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