May 11, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

We started off this week on a "man" hunt.  Seems that 2 of our bulls thought the grass on the other side of the fence was greener.  Well the grass might not have been greener but the neighbor apparently had some cows cycling and they helped to convince our bulls that it was a GREAT idea to cross the fence.... They were very WRONG!!  After several tanks of gas through the 4-wheelers we found the 2nd bull on Monday evening and he got a good cardio work out back to our side of the fence!!!!  Then it was plan "B" to re-design the fence between our bulls and the neighbors cows (see a pattern cattle = fence repairs).  Then back to hauling more cows to grass which will continue into the weekend. 

Now that the mouse hunters are getting big enough they are
exploring the outside with some supervision...  4-Wheeler tires are a
great place to play!!

The grass is finally tall enought o hide the calves...  Could
still use a little more rain...

Hanging out with mom, thinking very hard about letting me pet
her!!  She got to about 6 inches while I scratched mom's back!!

Can never start too early buck breaking the calves.  After sorting out this group of 30 pairs
we have been feeding them in the pen.  That way they will be easier to gather when we haul them to the pasture.

Finally had some time to plant a few flowers last night!!!  My garden hasn't been planted
yet, but at least I got the flowers out of my house!!!  I am a big fan of yellows and oranges!!  There is a patch of pink something -or-other flowers growing in my lawn that will get
attached by my lawn mower this weekend!!!

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