June 22, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

Summer has "official" begun and not because the on June 20th my calendar says "summer begins".  Due to the extreme heat, drought and, winds we have been onto our "summer" tasks for a little while.  We have had to irrigate our hay that is under the pivot already a few times to make sure we can put up enough hay to feed the cows this next winter.  The corn was ready to hill and due to the lack of rain the irrigation pipe and water had to be started right behind the tractor and hiller.  Mark has gone from checking cows in the morning for new calves to checking the corn every morning (and through out the day and night) to see if the irrigation water has made it to the end of the field.  We had another bull get injured (not a good time to have that happen) so we spent last weekend looking for a new bull...again... and then gathering and moving the bulls around at 2 different pastures to make sure we have enough bull power to cover all the cows that need to be bred in the next 30 days.

Field by our house ready to be hilled.

The tractor and hiller going through the field.  Hilling just cuts little ditches between the rows of corn so that the water will flow better from 1 end to the other end of the field.  The row on the right has been hilled the row on the left has not.  The "hill" the corn plants are growing on will soak up the water and help hold it by the corn's roots.

Irrigation pipe is layed out in this part of the field and the water is heading to the south end of the corn field.  I think I could almost hear the corn plants hollering with excitement over the much NEEDED water!!

We went to our North pasture and gathered the "Big Simmental" bull from his herd of ladies and moved him to this pasture.  The new bull took his place at the North pasture.  Coal and I are walking him down to the cows and the windmill for a drink.

The new bull meeting all of the ladies at the North pasture.  He made quite the impression.  He smelled each 1 of them, then beat up the cedar tree in the background (had to get some great cedar perfume), then he beat up a dirt bank and covered himself with dirt, he put on a good show for the girls.

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