June 15, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

This bull is working hard so far!  On this evening there were 2 cows in standing heat and he was making sure he was doing his part!! 

Hanging out looking for some trouble to start!!

This time of year the sight of 2 full water tanks is a relief.  It has been hot and dry so making sure the windmills are working is a top priority. Those 2 tanks hold enough water for 2 days when it is 90+ degres.

I did a switch up on the heifers and rode my horse out to check them instead of the 4-wheeler.  They lined up and took turns sniffing and checking out my horse!!  Such polite ladies!!!

Yeller thought that he would keep the seat warm for me!!  4-wheelers make such fun toys even for the kittens!!

The hay meadow is ready to be swathed and baled!!  It is a mixture of cool season grasses, alfalfa, and red clover.  This was taken last week and this hay is already wrapped up in bales and sitting in the stack yard waiting to be fed this winter.

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