June 1, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

Weeks fly by even faster when you have a holiday in the mix and only have to drive to town 4 days instead of the normal 5 days!!  Nobody guessed the repairs foto's from last week.  The 1st two were of the swather and the 2nd was my temporary fix on one of our windmills.  Summer activities are in full swing at the farm which means checking cows on grass, putting up hay, working on fixing everything that needs fixed, and patiently waiting for the next task that needs completed for the corn.

Hanging out in the pastures

My view from on my horse!!  Bubba is a whole lota outa shape
The kittens were thought my sweat shirt made a great place to take an afternoon nap!!!

Cha Ching is about a week away from getting to go to work for the next 75 days.  He was pretty curious about the 4 wheeler and me taking his picture!!

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