April 20, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

It has been another busy week at the farm.  We are getting toward the end of calving season.  WOOHOO!!  We had a little over 80% of the calves born in the first 30 days, now we are down to a few of the stragglers.  As much as I love calving time, it is always a nice feeling to get done with calving.  Our last heifer finally decided to let her calf enter the world on Sat, even better feeling having all of the 1st calf heifers done for the year.  Mark started getting the fields prep'ed to plant corn.  We did get some much needed rain last weekend and a little more yesterday.  Which put a hold on field work for a few days.  The next couple of weeks are going to be a lot of crazy and stressful.  We will be working calves, moving the pairs to summer grass, fixing fence before we haul the pairs, finish getting fields ready to plant, planting corn, and when we get done with that it will be time to start getting the haying equipment ready for summer haying.

The last heifer calved right before another thunder storm came through.  We hurried and got them in the barn before we got some Nickle and Quarter sized hail!  We put the twins in the other half of the barn so they could stay dry too!! 

Got some new hunters for the farm Monday!!  5 of them!!! 

Our older Simmental Bull gave us another
Red calf!!  I love when recessive traits apear!!

WOOHOO we got some wet stuff
falling from the sky!!!!!!

One of our heifers sharing some supper with
someone elses calf!!  Her calf is the big
one at her side.  The thief snuck in from behind!!!

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