April 6, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

WooHoo!!  Friday is finally here again and I can share some more pictures of the happenings this week on the farm.  Calving continues and as of right now we are just 2 calves away from reaching our goal of being 75% done within the first 21 days.  We have till Monday to get those 2 calves so right now it looks pretty promising that we will reach our goal for the year.  We are also very close to being done calving the heifers there is just 1 left.  We expected 007 to be last as she is last at everything, she does things at her own pace and can not be rushed so why wouldn't she hold out and make us wait for her to calve!!  The only thing she is first at is she is ALWAYS first to arive at the bunk at feeding time!!

32 and 519 (the only red calf) hanging out. 

Supper time for the cows and play time for the calves

3 is about a week old and thinks he is brave enough to check out
the 4-wheeler

The twins are growing fast!!

This is 1 half of the 2nd set of twins that arrived this week.
His brother is tagged the same exept there is "B" above
the number!!

The white face calf is Marks favorite so far this year!! 

007 (AKA "little red") is still very pregnant and the only red cow we have!! 
She did get lots of examples watching
all the other heifers calve so she should know what to do by now. 

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