March 7, 2012

National Ag WEEK!!

I remember National Ag week being a huge deal when I was in high school.  Like many kids in rural America I was in the FFA.  We celebrated national Ag week in style with a weeks worth of Ag related activities.  We hosted a petting zoo for some of the elementary children.  Many of us brought in our some of the animals that were our projects for the year.  There were show steers, cows and baby calves, horses, sheep, pigs, etc.  I remember the year I was on the committee that hosted the event, I got the bright idea to buy some baby chickens and ducks for the event being that no one in our chapter had chickens or ducks.  At the end of the event I ended up bring them home because nobody else would take them home!!  They were cute and the children loved petting them.  We hosted a breakfast for the local farmers/ranchers. 

We had to wear our blue and gold jackets all week to school (yes we proudly wore them in class!!).  But out of all the events I think that bring your tractor to school day was always a highlight!!  I remember the year that 1 of my senior classmates decided to show up with the idea of "go big or go home" and brought the combine to school.  Now bringing the equipment to school meant that we all had to leave for school way before dawn since max speed is in the low 20's if we were lucky and it did require some special parking skills!!!  Out of all my years of being in the FFA 1 of the best moments was the day I was going through some of the old scrap books and discovered a picture of me at the petting zoo during National Ag Week not as the host but as the guest. 
What do you all do to celebrate National Ag Week??  This year we celebrated by filling the freezer full of beef!!!

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