March 16, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

This is been a week a little harder than most...  I have offically been to 3 funerals in the past 6 days.  On Sat I attended the funeral for my Uncle who was born, raised, and lived the life of a cowboy, animal care giver, and loved family member.  While I was driving to that funeral Mark was at home with our vet laying to rest my first horse.  I made the call to the vet a few days earlier and told him to stop by the next time he was up near our place.  Que (pronounced "Kay") was 24 years old and was starting to develope arthritis in her joints.  Mom and Dad gave her to me when I was 9 after I had snuck out to the pen enough times and halter broke her when she was a baby all by myself.  She was a sucker for a little extra grain or hay and I was eager to do what it took to convince her to let me put a halter on her and lead her around.  Not to mention I needed a 4-H project!!  Yesterday I attended another funeral for a dear friend.  I met him and his family while I was attending graduate school and worked at a local bar and grill to make some extra cash.  Folks in small rural communities are so willing to accept new comers and make you a part of their family!!  I am close to his family as his granddaughter was in our wedding and I am the godmother to her oldest son. 
So to shed some happiness on a sad week.  Farm Foto Friday is all about new life!!!  I put a few more pictures than normal too!! 

1st baby calf of the year!!! 

After a slow start the heifers are finally figuring out that this is what they are suppose to do!!! 

Babies enjoying a little snack!!

Heifer and her new day old baby.. He was loving the photo shoot! 

Relaxing in the afternoon sun after a rough morning.  It is hard
work being born!!

Que a few years (OK a few more than a few) ago with "Frog"

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