March 14, 2012

Corn Beef and Cabbage

I really like to cook and I love to try new recipes.  The problem is my hubby is a strictly meat and potatoes guy.....  He in fact is the most picky eaters I have probably ever met.  I on the other hand love to eat a variety of foods and will try almost anything at least once.  I really like corn beef and cabbage...  Here is the recipe that I will be trying out on Saturday!! 

5 lbs corned beef (pickled yourself or buy it already brined)
5 cloves garlic (smashed a little bit)
10 peppercorns
4 sprigs of thyme
2 bay leaves
12 ounces of stout beer (anything cooked in beer is good!!)
1 c beef broth
4 yellow onions (wedged)
1 yellow or sweet onion sliced (I substitute leeks for onions)
3 carrots (peeled and chunked)
6 med potatoes (I leave out and make creamy mashed taters instead)
1 med head green cabbage (quartered and cored)
4 tb butter

Put meat, bouquet garni (garlic, peppercorns, thyme, bay leaves) in pot.  Add beer, stock and enough water to cover the meat by a couple of inches.  Bring to boil on med heat, then reduce heat to simmer for 4 hrs covered and stir occasionally.

After 4 hrs add onion and carrots and continue simmer for 1/2 hr.  Add potatoes and cabbage and continue cooking till cabbage is tender (not limp).  Remove cabbage and let remaining ingredients cooking until meat is tender.

In separate saute pan, heat butter and add slice onion, pinch of salt and saute till tender and beginning to brown.  Slice cabbage thinly and add to saute pan, mix well and cook till cabbages begins to brown.

Remove and slice meat.  Tip - beef brisket is not a tender cut of meat and should always be sliced against the grain to increase the tenderness and eating experience!!!  Serve meat and veg.  The broth can be served on the side if desired.

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!

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