July 21, 2011

One Angry Momma!!

Usually when we use the phrase "one angry momma" at our place we are referring to 1 of a small hand full of cows that don't deal with the natural hormone changes and imbalances of giving birth very well.  They tend to let their hormones to take over their brain and they make a honest attempt to make cow poop out of us.  This usually only lasts for a few days.  But this angry momma was not of the 4 legged, black hided, tail swishing, snot blowing variety.  She was about 6-8 inches tall, with a 8-10 inch wing span and holy cow did I make her mad.  I was raking hay last night and I watch this momma bird (I am not real sure what kind of bird she was) walk out of the corn field with her 3 young chicks.  The chicks were really tiny and were have'n a hard time keeping up with momma in the field.  So me being me decided that I could catch 1 of the babies.  I had no intention on hurting or scaring the baby bird.  I just wanted to hold it long enough to get a couple of pictures.  Needless to say when I picked up the baby momma was pissed!!!  She squawked and flew around, pretended to be wounded 15 feet away and I think she may have even dive bombed me a few times.  She was throwing out every trick in her book to get me to let baby go.  So I quickly snapped a couple of pics with my phone and set the baby back in the field away from where I was raking so that he didn't get hurt or run over.

  The drive of a mother to protect their young always amazes me, here a bird that weighs maybe a pound was willing to take me on and I out weigh her..... well I am not very big but I am a lot bigger than she is!  In all fairness the bird did get some revenge as he did poop on me before I could turn him loose again!!

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