July 20, 2011

Just another day! Which happened to be Monday......

Like most typical Monday's this Monday was 1 for the books!  At the day job office it was invoicing day.  We invoice our feed customers twice a month and it tends to be a job that can be mass chaos.  I decided to go into the office early to get a lot of the things ready so when the accounting department showed up at 8 we could get it done.  I had a meeting near noon-ish with our cattle rep so I needed things to get done quickly.  Well I get to the office a little after 6 am and as I am pulling into the parking lot I realize that I brought Mark's pickup to work (mine was hooked up to the trailer with the 4-wheelers in it for later in the day) and my key to the front door is on MY key ring.  So much for getting lots of stuff done before 8.  Luckly there another early riser was there a little before 7 so I was still able to have everything ready to invoice before 8!  My few less hours of sleep were not totally wasted.  I played a couple of rounds of Angry Birds while I passed the time.  For some reason shooting fake birds out of a sling shot at some pigs, glass and boards can release tension caused by not thinking clearly at 5 am.  Got the invoicing done just in time to hurry back home.  I don't just live accross the street from work, it is a 38 mile drive 1 way so it take a good 45 minutes. 
We sell our steer calves direct to a local (45 miles away) feedyard through an age/source verification program.  We also manage our calves vaccination and mineral programs to fit a process verification program as well.  The rep came out to look at the calves, take some pictures, get verification on vaccine given so far and fill out the paperwork needed to get an offer and contract on the calves.  Last years calfs were harvested the 1st week of July so we are waiting for the data to get back from the harvest facility.  Hopefully it will get in within the next day or 2 and then we can make a "deal" on a set price for them.  We won't deliver them until the middle of December, but we are able to know what we will get paid.
Then it was back to the office, another 38 mile trip to town.  Worked for a few more hours.  Then I checked cows at 1 pasture on my way home.  Got home, loaded the 4-wheeler in the pickup and headed to yet another pasture to check cows.  The weather has been too hot and heat stress is a big concern so we are checking things a little more often to make sure the cattle have plenty of water and are surviving the heat.  This is where my day started going down hill FAST!  The owner of the pasture had a few cows and calves out so on my way by I called them and left a message.  I got to the pasture and as I am pulling up to the gate.  I notice I didn't need a gate to get in.  The fence was tore down for 50 yards right next to the gate.  When I say tore down, I don't mean 1 broken wire.  There was originally 5 wires and there was not 1 that was still good.  I went to find our cows, and can only find 1/2 of the herd.  I am assuming the other 50% are in the neighbors cows.  I go back to the gate and start fixing fence.  Only to find the only tools I have are some pleirs and extra wire.  So I "kind-a-sort-a" fixed the fence.  And hoped what I did would fool the few cows we have left in the pasture that the fence is un-breakable!  I then head back home.  But not before I stopped at the landlords and put their cows and calves back in.  I had not heard back from them and didn't want their cows on the road after dark.  Not sure I put them back in the right place, but they were in.  By the time I got home is was near 10 pm.  I still had to feed the horses and a few calves we have in the yard.  By the time I got inside it was almost mid-night so it was a bowl of cereal, hot shower and off to bed. 
I know this sounds like I was doing all the work yesterday and Mark was no where to be found....  He went to work till about 2 then he spend the afternoon and evening, working on finishing laying out the irrigation pipe, cut some more hay, started the wells to irrigate the corn, worked on the pivot, and I am not sure what else.  He was still outside when I went to bed. 
Happy Monday....  I am ready for Tuesday......no I think I am ready for Friday    

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