July 26, 2011

Does History Really have to Repeat Itself???

Well last week I wrote about the fence getting broken and having half of the cows at that particular pasture getting mixed in with the neighbors.  Well Happy Monday AGAIN...  I had to pinch myself because I thought I was having a bad dream and re-living last week.  I was sitting at work and my phone rings yesterday afternoon.  The neighbor called to let me know that the fence was knocked down.  From what he described it sounded like we had a bunch of his heifers in our pasture.  Not a good thing, because 1 of the bulls we have in that pasture has a tendency to produce calves that are a little bigger at birth.  OK for our mature cows, not so good with heifers.  Different pasture than last week, but still the same problem, broken fence needing fixed and cattle to sort apart and put back where they belong.  We just finished cleaning up last weeks mess on Sunday.  The pasture is on my way home so I went to scope things out. 

What I found...  Not so pretty....
I find our cows hanging out in the pond.  I count cows and calves a dozen times and seem to be coming up with the right number of animals.  I found 1 of the 2 bulls that were suppose to be there.  So I go check the neighbors pasture,  I can't find a single cow or calf that is ours on his side. 
I called Mark, gave him a list of fencing supplies we were going to need and had him bring an extra 4-wheeler and my horse.  So I watched the cows hang out in the water for a little over an hour while thinking about all the things I could be getting done at that moment.  Got the bull sorted out, and headed the right direction but only after he had to test the swift cat like reflexes of my horse.  He quickly decided that Coal was much faster than he was and he was fighting a loosing battle and gave up.  Got the bull back with our cows, fixed the fence, and was loading my horse to go home right at sun down.  So much for getting the laundry and actually cooking diner tonight.  Maybe next Monday will be better.....   

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