July 24, 2012

Pictures from the Fire near Nordon, Ne

I know 2 posts in 1 day are not normal for me but this is too good not to share.  Thanks to a high school friend of mine who married into a family ranch near the Nordon area I was able to get a hold of some really great pictures (taken by an area resident) of the fire that started Friday night and has destroyed over 90,000 acres of ranch country in Nebraska.  My heart sank and our prayers and thought go thoughts to my friend's family and the many other families of that community that have lost so much.  My friends family was lucky as everyone is safe, the cattle were moved to safety thanks to some friends and neighbors, and their ranch buildings and home was spared.  Stay tuned all week as I was able to get lots of great pictures and will be sharing them the rest of this week.  It is a great testament to the ranchers, volunteers, and firefighters that are working hard to not only stop the fire but keep everyone and the livestock safe.

Tankers are hauling water from town to the fire line so that the fire fighters can keep doing what they do.

Many pieces of farm machinery have been used to tear up the dry grass in front of the flames as a strategy to get the fire contained

Ranchers hurry to move cattle out of harms way.

Nebraska National guard are on site.  Soldiers are constantly fighting battles both over seas and here at home!!  Thank the soldiers for their sacrifice!!

1 of the 3 choppers that are hauling water to the fire.  Looks like the fire is way too close to this families ranch and home.

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