July 17, 2012

Cattle Ranchers Working with Authorities Pays Off

In a post on "Why We Brand our Cattle" (posted July 10) I talked about the importance of protecting our livestock against cattle thieves and the critical role that branding played in keeping our livestock on our property and not in the trailer of a criminal.  Just this last week a cattle thief was caught hiding in Mexico and was extradited back to the US where he faces cattle theft charges (and probably several other charges) and will be held accountable for his wrong doings.  Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of local farmers/ranchers and law enforcement (local, state and federal) in several US States, justice will be served.  The use of social media helped to spread the word around the cattle industry to be on the look out for Ronald Shepard and who to contact if you had any information that may be useful locating him.


Here is a perfect example how well branding works to bring cattle home to those who care about them and helps to prosecute the criminal who steal them.  Had those cattle not had the brand of the real owners on them this man would have not been caught and brought to justice.


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