September 7, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

As with everything for the past few months we are continuing the trend of being a month a head of schedule.  The extreme drought and lack of grass growth has forced us to wean our calves about a month a head of schedule.  We hope to save enough grass on the pastures to get the cows to cornstalks.  We have been working on getting all the calves weaned over the past few weeks and over Labor Day Weekend we finally finished weaning the last 2 groups of calves.  They have adjusted quickly and smoothly to life without their momma's and have have accepted that tractor delivers some pretty good feed everyday.

Coal ready to get in the trailer so we can get the last group weaned.

The last 2 groups are in the pen on the left. 

The group we weaned the week before have been moved to the bigger.  This is day 1 in the big pen and it didn't take them long to know that proper feeding time procedure is to come to the gate to investigate the AGO (automatic gate opener... AKA ME!) while they wait for the tractor driver (MARK) to bring the feed!!

Step 2 of the proper feeding procedure is to follow the tractor to the supper table!

The last group we weaned on Sunday enjoying a fresh bale of grass hay.

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