August 3, 2012

Farm Foto Friday

It is no secret that this year the US has endured 1 of the worst droughts in history.  It is hitting the agriculture industry hard both those raising crops and livestock.  Feed is in short supply, crops are withering and dying thanks to the lack of rain and scorching temps, and water sources are decreasing.  We have been busy trying to keep up with the irrigation on the corn and hay to ensure we will have feed for the winter and corn to sell to pay the bills.  Our stock ponds (man made ponds than hold rain water for the cattle to drink) have dried up and we are hauling water every few days to 2 of our 4 pastures.  This time of year is normally busy but the extra work is making for really long days and nights. 

1 of our younger calves still growing good even though the grass is dormant and brown.  Normally the grass is still green this time of year.  Our pastures look like they do in October on a "normal" year.

Some of our irrigated corn, still green and growing.  The ears seem to be filling out with corn kernels so far, we just need to keep up with meeting the corns water requirements for about another 30 days.

Cows lounging around the irrigation canal that runs through 1 of the pastures.  The canal provides them with a fresh supply of water all summer and a place to cool off when temps spike well over 100 degrees!

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