February 9, 2012

Winter showed up... Finally...

It has been a beautiful winter so far.  The temps have been well above freezing and we have even had a few days in the 50's!!!!  In fact the frost has come out of the ground and we have been able to dig some post holes!!  Normally we are happy to see a day with temps slightly above freezing!  The weather turned back to winter last Friday and has stayed so far.  We REALLY REALLY needed the moisture and it was a really wet heavy snow.  So as I look at the cold white stuff and the mud I keep reminding myself that we need the moisture so that we will have green pastures in the spring and good soil moisture for the corn fields prior to planting.  Here are a few winter pictures to enjoy!

Mark pushing snow with the 4-Wheeler.  Tekan watched with such excitement, she
LOVES to play on the piles of snow!!

Tekan wondering why Mark pushed the snow soooo far away!!

Even though we haven't had to feed much this year, the
Cows are eager for some hay!!

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