June 2, 2011

Spring has flown by

Spring has gone by us at warp speed again and we will soon begin our summer routine.  We are almost done with calving and most of the cows and their new calves have been moved out to their summer vacation homes.  We will work the last group of calves in the next few days and get them moved to summer pasture as well.  The corn has been planted and has emerged from the ground in the past week or to.  We have had some pretty good rains the past few weeks and the hay fields are growing quickly.  We will begin the summer ritual of cutting the hay and rolling it up in bales to feed next winter.  I have started my "after work" job of stopping by each of the pastures (on my way home from the office) to check the cows and calves at least once a week, sometimes more if needed.  During the summer the cows are pretty self sufficient and don't need much attention but in the case of bad storms or no wind for a few days they will need looked at more often.  We rely on windmills to pump water for the cows and if we don't get enough wind they will run out of water and we then have to haul water to them.  We turned the bull in with the heifers a few days ago and will turn the rest of the bulls out with the cows next week.  Seems like we just started calving a few days ago and here we are starting the next generation already.  We will soon be in the full summer routine of fixing/building fence that need redone before we bring cows home again, putting up hay, irrigating the corn, checking cows on the pastures, and working on all the tasks that we couldn't get done when the ground was frozen or it was just to cold.  Check back tomorrow for Fun Foto Friday!!

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